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Who Needs Enemies?

I blame this last drabble on ldyavalon. Your comments made this happen! ::giggles::
Hope you like it. :)

Anyone know how to make good icons or banners? I so need one of Spike and Dean. I've tried making a few, but they all sucked.

Hand on the doorknob, Buffy stood still for a few minutes. Inside her and Spike’s room, she could hear loud cackling. Wondering what mischief Spike could have possibly gotten up to with a still broken leg, Buffy quietly pushed the door open and stepped inside.

The scene before her nearly caused Buffy to lose it. Spike was sprawled on the floor, back against his computer chair, and injured leg straight out before him. He was holding his sides as his body shook. Tears streamed unnoticed down his face.

Coming to stand behind Spike, Buffy peered at the computer monitor. On the screen was a picture of Angel. His eyes and mouth were open wide in surprise, and his shirt was rumpled. It was his hair though, that really caught her attention. In some places it rested flat against his head, and in others it stood up at odd angles. Buffy had never seen Angel looking so unkempt before.

A message had been sent with the picture, and Buffy took a moment to ignore both the picture, and Spike’s guffaws, to read it.

“Dude, thought this might cheer you up. I’ll tell you all about the hunt later. Maybe when you’re better, that Slayer of yours will let you join us for a bit.”

Shaking her head, Buffy let her own laughter escape. She should have known. There was no way Dean would ever let Spike miss out on creating a little havoc, especially at Angel’s expense.
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