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Big Bang Update

Well, I've signed up for another big bang. This time it's the deancasbigbang.

They allow crossovers so I jumped at the chance. I didn't make the deadline last year, but this year I have a story that I'm looking forward to writing.

I started it earlier tonight and so far it's going good. For now I'm calling it A Year of Fighting. It's a crossover between Neil Gaiman's short stories January Tales, which is part of his A Calendar of Tales project, and October In the Chair, found in Fragile Things.

It's an AU set just after Dean goes to hell. Cas goes back in time to stop the apocalypse and enlist the aid of the years and the months to help hide Dean from heave and hell.

You can listen to January Tales for free here: January Tales

Just scroll down past the art work. Though it's awesome and you should check it out too.

My Camp Nano novel is moving along. Things are about to heat up, and I'm looking forward to it. It's currently at 36,705 words out of 50,000.

I've started editing my spn_j2_bigbang. It needs a lot of work, and I'm thinking of scrapping the first chapter. I'll wait and see what a beta reader says first.

And finally the art claims for thebigbangjob have gone live. The comments are screened, and it's open until April 28th. There are only fifteen stories, so I don't know how long I'll have to wait until I find out who claimed my story. :crosses fingers:
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