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Master Post: The Promises We Made

Title: The Promises We Made
Author: lady_yashka
Beta(s): faradheia
Disclaimer: I do not own Leverage or White Collar.
Characters/Pairings: Gen with canon pairings
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Warnings/spoilers: Violence towards children, OC character death. Spoilers through all seasons of Leverage and vague spoilers for seasons 1-4 of White Collar.
Word Count: 17,163
Summary: After the fiasco with Michael and his followers, life settled down a bit. Eliot still did jobs for the Order of Thanatos, and now that Nate and Sophie had left the game, he, Hardison, and Parker were all set to take their crusade against corporate greed international. Then one day an old acquaintance of Eliot's shows up, calling in a favor owed. He has a job for Eliot, one which could not only get him kill, but start a war if the wrong people found out about it.
Sequel to: Sinner's Prayer

Artist: susanmarier
Art rating: PG
Art link: AO3 Cover Art, FF.Net Cover Art

Author's Note: I want to thank the mod of thebigbangjob for running such an awesome big bang. A huge thank you to shinysylver and geekslave. Without your prompts, this story wouldn't have been written. Thank you to faradheia for betaing this story. Any mistakes left are all mine. And to my artist, susanmarier, your artwork is awesome. I'm thrilled you picked my story. :)

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Tags: big bang, leverage fic: the promises we made
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