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End of All Days

I have officially dropped this years Spn_J2_Bigbang. I've been more into my original work than fan fic, so it was the right choice to make.

April's Camp Nano is almost six days in, and I am so behind. It took me until about two days ago to figure out what new story to write. It's another middle grade novel and I'm aiming for 40K.

It doesn't help that I'm alternating between everything sucks, and this isn't half bad. The only story I'm on track with is A Boy Named Alice.

I did some more research last month and found that it needs around 15K added to it. Then I need to suck it up, and find a beta reader. My target is to have it finished by April 15th.

Now I need to step away from the internet and get back to work. I hope everyone is having a good weekend. ♥
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