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Christmas Wishes

While reading some of the Lj Christmas wish list people had posted, I saw that unbridled_b and milo54 both wanted a Christmas fic. Well, here's the first one, short and sweet. I hope you guys enjoy it. :)

Off key singing greeted Buffy as she pushed open the door to Spike’s crypt. She was torn between amusement and curiosity. Spike was singing a Christmas song, and not any type Buffy would have thought he’d have sung. In fact, she had never heard the song Spike was singing, but she was positive that the words she was hearing were not the original words to the song.

“I want a Slayer for Christmas…only a Slayer will do…”

Stifling her giggles, Buffy walked into the crypt and quietly closed the door behind her. The singing was coming from downstairs, but Buffy could see evidence of Spike’s good mood. Christmas decorations littered the top level of his home making Buffy think he‘d raided the local Wal-Mart.

Twinkling lights were strung across the ceiling and outlined the window. A mini reef sat atop the head of the statue in the corner, and a dusty, somewhat odd-looking Santa Claus rested on his t.v. Since when did Santa start looking like the Pope? Buffy wondered as she inspected the figure.

Shrugging her shoulders, Buffy turned and walked towards the opening leading to Spike’s bedroom. More singing reached her ears and Buffy had to bite her lip to keep from laughing.

“No crocodiles, no rhinoceroses, I only like Buffy Slayeres! And Buffy Slayeres like me too!”

When the singing stopped, Buffy knew she hadn’t been as successful as she had hoped.

Dropping down into the lower level, Buffy was greeted by the sight of an embarrassed Spike. He had been in the middle of decorating a small Christmas tree and was currently hiding an ornament behind his back.

“No, please keep going,” Buffy said, a smile curving her lips. “I want to hear the rest.”

“Don’t see why I should,” Spike answered with a lazy drawl. He had gotten over his embarrassment and was now leering at her. “Seems I’ve got my Christmas wish early.”

“Did you now?” Buffy asked as she played with the belt of her jacket. “Then I guess you‘ll just have to unwrap it, won‘t you.”

Hanging the ornament from one of the tree’s branches, Spike reached forward, and took the ends of her belt in his hands. Pulling her forward, Spike grinned as he slowly undid the belt and pushed the jacket from her shoulders. His eyes widened for a seconded before darkening as his gaze swept over her.

Buffy, his Buffy, was standing before him wearing nothing but black heels and a red Manchester United jersey. The jersey only reached the tops of her thighs.

“Like your gift?” Buffy asked, a sly smile curving her lips.

Merry Christmas!
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