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This is also a small drabble on BSV but it originally started out as a simple poem I wrote years ago. The poem is mine. The post contains a small bit of Buffy if anyone wants to read that. Enjoy. =)

Now You Decide

So now you decide to say hello
When before you never would say good bye.
Now you want to see me,
But just days before you acted as if you never knew me

What day did you decided,
When did you realize
That I actually existed?

Two days ago I was beneath you
Now you want me to hold you up.
I never know when you'll change,
One day I'm loved,
Next day I'm dead in your eyes.

What day did you decide,
What made you change your mind,
When did I become something you would love?

Today you want me
Tomorrow will be another story.
When I cry you close your eyes
When you weep you expect my world to stop.

When did you decide I was good enough,
What day did you decide that you loved me?

Because today is the day I decide to hate you.
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