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Of The Night

This is a ficlet set in my Spike and Dean Winchester universe. (I really need to come up with a name for this series.) This ficlet contians spoilers for last night's episode Jus In Bello.

Sitting quietly, knees together and hands folded neatly in her lap, the Senior Partner’s conduit waited for the servant to finish setting out the tea and biscuit.

“We are very pleased that you could join us,” the conduit said once the servant had left the room. A smile graced her face as she spoke to her companion.

“I was thrilled to receive the invite,” her companion replied, a young girl with long brown wavy hair and an easy smile. Reaching forward, she picked up a cup of tea and held it in her lap. “I had heard that the Souled-One was giving you problems.”

“He was,” the conduit answered, her tone still light despite the coldness in her eyes. “We have come to an agreement. Our time to face him has not yet arrived and there is still plenty of time to bring him over to our side.”

“I thought that plan had failed.”

“Our plan only failed because of that brat-grandchilde of his,” the conduit said with a scowl. “William has proven rather difficult to corrupt. His demon is too fond of this world. This is why we wanted to speak to you Lilitu.”

“It’s just Lilith now,” Lilith replied as she took a sip of her tea.

“Of course,” the conduit replied, smile back in place. “As you know, we don’t like chaos, and William seems to be very good at causing it.”

“And why did you think this would interest me?” Lilith asked, her head cocked to one side.

“It turns out that William is friends with the Winchester brothers.”

“I see,” Lilith said with a nod. Absentmindedly she took a bite of the biscuit. “And you think that a mere vampire, one of the demon race at that, can stop my plans?”

“As a soulless demon William surprised everyone by helping the Slayer stop his Grandsire from opening Acathla,” the conduit explained. Her tone was serious, all pretenses at light heatedness gone. “Later he helped defeat the hell-god Glorificus. As a souled vampire, William sacrificed himself to stop The First Evil and later when resurrected, helped Angel kill our agents in this realm, the Circle of the Blackthorn. He was even able to gain favor with the God-King Illyria. Remember her Lilith?”

“I thought Illyria had better taste than that.”

“So did we,” the conduit said. “Do not underestimate this one Lilith.”

“Interesting,” Lilith said a frown on her face. “And what is your proposal?”

“Help us get rid of William.” The conduit smiled. “And we will help you eliminate Sam and Dean Winchester.”

At these words, Lilith smiled. “I think I like your idea. So, how shall we do this?”
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