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Substitute Teacher: Finding A Substitute

These were originally posted on BSV. This is set in the same A/U world as "Thirty-Seven", "Kindred", and "Wounds". They can be read separately though. :)

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Genre: Drabble
Pairing: Spuffy
Disclaimer: I do not own any Buffy/Angel characters. Joss does. Also Spike's line at the end does not belong to me. The quote belongs to Kevin Smith.

“Spike! Come on! We need to hurry.” Buffy growled as she dragged the reluctant vampire down the hallway behind her. She had a room full of twenty teenaged slayers waiting to be trained and their regular teacher was unavailable. Luckily for her, Spike was finally home after getting rid of one town’s goblin infestation. The nasty little buggers liked to steal human children and use them as a food source.

It had taken Spike weeks to track them back to their hideaways and clear them out. Spike would have gotten rid of the little pest sooner if he had had back up. Unfortunately they were invisible to the human eye. He had finally finished up and moved on, taking two days to get back to the Council training center in London earlier that night. He had been ahead of schedule; having previously thought it would take him longer to reach home.

Since he had arrived early Spike had crashed into his bed fully clothed and exhausted. He had played many reunion fantasies over in his mind, all involving a very naked Buffy and a locked door. He certainly was not about to be picky. However none of them involved Buffy barging into his room and waking him up after only four short hours of sleep.

“But Slayer…” Spike groaned as he was dragged further away from his nice warm bed.

“Don’t Spike.” Buffy ground out. “I’m running late as it is and I only just found out that Angel will not be able to teach his class. That means it is up to you to take the class today. I’ve got way too much to do.”

“I just got in…”

Stopping her mad dash, Buffy turned frustrated green eyes on a haggard Spike.

“Spike.” Buffy started, “Angel’s sick. He can’t teach today. You have to do it.” Then she promptly turned and continued to pull Spike along behind her.

“Teach the bloody bastard to become human again.” Spike grumbled. “Hope he has fun getting rid of that flu. Maybe he‘ll even get reacquainted with having the runs.”

“I heard that Spike.” Buffy scolded as she pulled the door to the classroom open. With a final tug, she maneuvered Spike so he was standing before her. Then she gave a sharp shove, causing him to stumble his way inside the classroom. Closing the door, Buffy nearly missed his rather pathetic whine.

“But I’m not even supposed to be here today!”

A/N: I found the information on Goblins at:
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