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Alone, Lost, And Found: Chapter Five

Title: Alone, Lost, And Found
Crossover: Supernatural
Warnings: This story contains major spoilers for season three and season four of Supernatural. Minor spoilers for seasons one and two are also included.
Summary: In the city of lost souls, Spike is the one who ends up found.
Thank you A.J Hofacre for all of your help. I really appreciate it.

Some dialogue from Season four of Supernatural is used.

Later that afternoon, everyone was scattered around the lobby empty and half filled containers of take out littering the spaces between them. They were sharing jokes and stories, though Sam wasn’t as happy as the others. Dean had told them about the cursed rabbit’s foot that Bella had paid to have stolen from their Dad’s storage unit. He’d felt marginally better when he’d been able to share Dean’s intense fear of all things aviation. Then had come the killer clown story and Sam had gone back to pouting.

“You should tell them about the robot,” Xander said, glee filling his words.

“Which one?” Buffy asked, her gaze briefly flickering towards Spike. “We’ve come across three.”

Seeing the look on Xander’s face, Spike groaned. Sam leaned forward, sensing that it was time someone else was going to get thoroughly embarrassed. He could still hear Dawn’s giggled, “I lost my shoe,” coming from his right. Even as he felt a pang of sympathy, Sam was still glad that he was out of the spot light.

“Hold on a minute. I need another drink,” Dean said, standing. “And I don’t want to miss this.”

Dean only made it halfway across the lobby before he screamed, hands gripping the sides of his head, knees buckling. He barely felt the strong arms surrounding him as he crumpled. Images flashed quickly. Two young girls, one white eyed, the other cold, a chilling smile on her face. They were standing at a crater as a dark skinned demon poured blood over the edge. The ground rumbled, cracking open, the smell of sulfur filled the air. Then Dean was breathing harshly, most of his weight supported by Sam. He could feel Spike’s cool hands resting on his shoulders.

“Spike,” Sam asked, his voice harsh. His grip on his brother tightened ever so slightly, and Dean could feel the rapid beating of Sam’s heart. “What the hell just happened?”

Spike didn’t answer at first, just gently squeezed Dean‘s shoulders. “Dean, mate, what did you see?”

“See?” Sam asked. “That was a vision?”

“Yeah,” Angel answered.

“But…” Sam trailed off. “Mine were never quite that violent.”

“That’s cause they were apart of you,” Angel answered.

“And Dean‘s are a form of punishment,” Sam finished, his voice a whisper.

“Dean?” Spike said, pulling Sam’s attention away from Angel.

“Give me a minute,” Dean said. “Sammy, let go.” Standing, Dean took a few deep breaths, trying to calm his racing heart. One hand rubbed the side of his head, trying to ease the pounding left by the vision. His other hand still gripped his brother‘s arm. “All right. There were two creepy kids. One was Lilith. I’d recognize that little bitch anywhere. Don’t know who the other was. But from what Spike’s told me I think they were in Sunnydale, opening the Hellmouth.”

“What?” Buffy asked, eyes wide with panic. “Spike closed it. We closed it. There’s nothing left but a crater.”

“They’ve got some demon pouring blood over the edge, and when his pitcher is empty the ground shakes and cracks open,” Dean replied. “Looks like they’re opening it to me.”

“Whose this Lilith, bint?” Spike asked.

“She’s a bad ass evil bitch that’s trying to destroy the world,” Dean said, trying not to show just how much the latest vision had freaked him out.

“Describe the other kid,” Angel demanded.

“Um,” Dean started eyes closed. “Short dark hair, dark dress with white lace along the trim. Black shoes.”

“Damn it!” Angel growled, punching the wall.

“Know who Little Miss Muffet is, Angel?”

“Yeah, the Senior Partners conduit.”

“Bloody hell.”

“The Senior Partners?” Dean and Sam said at the same time. One incredulous, the other in confusion.

“The Senior Partners are the big bads who run Wolfram and Hart, a multidimensional evil law firm,” Spike answered. “They’ve been planning their own apocalypse for millennia, and from what Angel’s told me, they don’t like others stepping on their plans.”

“Which makes you wonder why they’ve teamed up with Lilith,” Dean added, raking his hand through his hair.

“We need to call Giles,” Buffy said, as she headed towards the phone. “This is big.”

“I’m going to call Ruby,” Sam said, bracing himself for Dean’s reaction.

“Ruby?” Dean asked, eyebrow raise. “Demonic bitch Ruby? You’re still listening to her?”

“She’s been helping me track down Lilith.”

“Dean.” The look Bobby gave Dean clearly said, Go easy on the kid, but Dean was pissed. He didn’t trust Ruby, didn’t like the ideas she fed Sam. Every thing about her set his teeth on edge, and Dean wanted her as far away from Sam as possible. Tightening his grip, Dean dragged Sam into his and Spike’s office, ignoring the others confused looks, and slammed the door behind him.

“She’s been helping you work on your psychic mojo hasn’t she?” Dean asked, fear running along his words, his father‘s warning echoing in his mind. “Damn it Sammy! I thought we agreed to leave that alone.”

“You were gone, Dean,” Sam snapped back. “What was I supposed to do?”


“No, Dean,” Sam yelled. “I know what I’m doing.”

“But going after Lilith? With Ruby?” Dean said, his voice taking on a frightened, desperate pitch. “Sam, that’s suicide.”

“No, it’s not,” Sam said, voice soft. “Dean, Lilith can’t hurt me.”

“Excuse me?”

“After you…” Sam started.

“Died. Kicked it. Bought the farm. Became a hellhound’s chew toy,” Dean rattled off, waving his arm in a hurry up gesture.

Sam rolled his eyes. “Died. Lilith shot out this burning white light. Only it didn’t do anything to me. I don’t know who was more shocked. Her or me.”

“What happened after?” Dean asked, arms crossed over his chest.

“Nothing,” Sam said. “She got out of there pretty fast after that. Ruby’s been helping me figure out what I can do while we track Lilith down.”

“I see.” Dean nodded. “I want to know everything she’s taught you.”


“Everything, Sammy!”

“Fine!” Sam snapped. “I’ll make a detailed list later. But right now we need to figure out what Lilith and these Senior Partner’s have planned.”

“I know.” Dean turned to rejoin the others into the lobby. “But Sam, we will be talking about this later.”

“I know.” Sam sighed, and followed his brother.

Everyone else was pulling out books and notebooks and beginning the tedious process of trying to find any bit of information they could. Willow was sitting at the computer while Buffy, with a cell phone held to her ear, hovered behind her. Sam wondered a small ways off, making his own phone call.

“Dean,” Buffy called out. “Can you describe this Lilith?”

“Um, she’s a powerful demonic bitch with white eyes instead of the regular black variety,” Dean offer with a shrug, not quite sure how to describe the demon.

“Sounds like she has to have a host,” Spike said. Noticing the other’s blank expressions he rolled his eyes. “Without a body to take over, she’d be as untouchable as the First.”

“She can’t impersonate the dead, or the formerly dead, can she?” Buffy asked, anxiety filling her words.

“Not that we know of,” Bobby answered. “She just needs an unwilling body to possess.”

“Right,” Buffy said with a nod, quickly relaying the information and closing her phone.

“Maybe if we knew what she wanted, we would be able to figure out how to stop her,” Angel suggested.

“Sam’s head on a platter and world domination,” Dean said, sarcasm and worry filling his words.


“They needed to know, Sam.” Dean rolled his eyes at his brother’s look.

“Um, why would this Lilith want to kill Sam?” Willow asked, eyeing the two brothers.

“Because Sam is the only real threat she’s got,” a voice said from the doorway. All eyes turned to see a dark haired young woman standing in the open door way. She had a slight smile on her face, and her presence had Dean, Bobby, and Sam all tensing. Her eyes were focused squarely on Dean and Sam, her smile widening into a smirk.

“Good to see you again, Dean,” she said as she started to walk down the steps into the lobby. “I’ve gotta say, demon’s a good look for you.”

“Ruby,” Dean growled, teeth clenched. He would have torn across the lobby if it hadn’t been for Spike’s hand on his shoulder. “Can’t say the feeling’s mutual.”

“You should be thanking me,” Ruby said, smile gone.

“For what?” Dean growled. “Messing with Sam’s head? Cause you really did a bang up job with that.”

“For keeping Sam alive,” Ruby bit out.

“Dean, Ruby, stop it,” Sam said, stepping between the two.

“One wrong turn, just one,” Dean said, eyes focused on Ruby. “And I’ll kill you.”

“I’d like to see you try.” Her tone was just as harsh.

“Oh, he won‘t have to try,” Buffy said with a bright smile on her face. “Spike and I will just hold you down for him.”

“A slayer,” Ruby said, surprise coloring her words. “With a witch and two vampires. This is interesting. Sam, just what have you gotten us into?”

“We’re trying to figure out how to stop Lilith and the Senior Partners,” Sam replied.

“What?” Ruby said, jaw hanging open. “Are you crazy? You can’t take both of them on at the same time.”

“We don’t have a choice.” Sam sighed. “We got some pretty good intell that they’re going to try to reopen the Sunnydale Hellmouth.”

“Then we find Lilith and take her out before she can meet her knew playmates,” Ruby replied. “We do not, however, go after her with the Senior Partners by her side.”

“And just what do you know about the Senior Partners?” Angel asked, arms crossed over his chest.

“I know what every demon knows, Angelus,” Ruby snapped.

“It’s Angel.”

“Right,” Ruby said with a nod. “You’re all good now.”

“Cut the attitude, Ruby.” Dean couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “You’re sorely out numbered here.”

“Fine,” Ruby said. “They’re big, they’re bad, and they’re evil. What I‘d like to know is how Dean here got out of hell.”

“Well, we don’t always get what we want,” Dean said, arms crossed over his chest, eyes narrowed.

“Dean.” Sam‘s voice was soft, his eyes focused on the floor. “She has a point.”

“Sam,” Dean said, giving his brother a pointed glare. He didn’t want Ruby knowing about his visions. “I think we’ve already got that part figured out.”

“Nobody just escapes from hell,” Ruby said.

“You did,” Spike snarked, eyebrow raised.

“So did I,” Angel said, tone bland.

Ruby rolled her eyes in disgust. “Everyone knows that the Powers dragged you out of hell. Besides, you didn’t actually die. You earned your trip through a portal.”

“Again, you did.” Spike‘s tone was pure sarcasm.

“You have no idea what I went through to get out,” Ruby ground out.

“But you got out,” Buffy said.

“Yeah, and into a new body,” Ruby snapped. Seeing the looks on everyone’s face, she quickly held up a hand to forestall any comments. “Which, by the way, belongs solely to me. Sam can verify that if you want. However, Dean here, while a bit altered, has his own body back. Sam told me he was cremated.”

“It might be worth finding out,” Willow said. When Spike and Dean shot murderous glares her way, Willow flinched back. “I’m just thinking that if we knew how he got brought back, it might answer more of his questions.”

“Like why I didn’t remember a damn thing when I first got back.” Dean’s eyes were lowered, his tone soft.

“He’s legit,” Spike ground out, head back, and eyes closed.

“Not that I’m doubting you,” Buffy said slowly. “But-”

“Lorne read him,” Spike said with a sigh. “Said he was important and that I needed to look after him.”

“You know where Lorne is?” Angel asked, guilt and hope equally coming through in his words.

“No,” Spike answered. “I know how to get a hold of him, and he doesn’t want to see you.”

“I know.” Angel lowered his head, shoulders sagging. “He’s okay though, isn’t he?”

“Yeah,” Spike said. “He is.”


“Um, excuse me,” Sam said. “But whose Lorne?”

“An anagogic demon,” Angel said. “He can read people’s souls when they sing.”

“And this Lorne guy,” Bobby said, looking from Spike to Angel. “He’s trust worthy?”

“Yeah, he is,” Buffy answered, understanding Bobby’s suspicions.

“Dean sang?” Sam said unable to contain his glee.

“Dude, shut up,” Dean said smacking Sam’s head.

“The point is,” Ruby said, interrupting the would be fight. “That I don’t know of anything powerful enough to raise someone from hell.”

“Willow could do it,” Spike said, taking delight in poking holes into the demon‘s theories. Seeing the looks he was getting Spike shrugged. “Not saying she would, now, just that she could.”

“I doubt Willow would have left such an interesting scar,” Dean said with a sigh.

“Scar?” Sam asked. Dean pulled up his shirt sleeve. There was a raised handprint on his shoulder.

“Willow’s method leaves you scar free,” Buffy said with a sage nod. Spike snickered while almost everyone else looked at Buffy in varying degrees of horror or interest.

“It fixes a lot of other things too,” Spike said, then quickly sped to hide behind Dean. It didn’t help that Dean was laughing too hard to stand up straight.

“Spike!” Buffy wished fervently that a hole would open up so that she could jump into it, then pull the ground closed behind her. She was going to kill Spike for this. “I can not believe you just said that!”

“I don’t under…I mean I didn’t…Oh…Oh!” Willow said eyes widening. “I so did not need to know that.”

“Neither did I,” Angel grumbled. Xander and Dawn nodded in agreement, both looking pained. Dean suddenly stopped laughing, eyes wide.

“I’ve been re-hymenated,” Dean said. His tone sounded shocked and just a bit horrified.

“Dean,” Sam said, trying and failing to keep the laughter from his voice. “Guys don’t have hymens.”

“Not the point, Sammy,” Dean said with a dismissive wave of his hand. “I came back with all of my old scars gone. No bullet wounds, no knife cuts, none of the off-angle fingers from all the breaks. I mean, my hide is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Which leads me to conclude, sadly, that my virginity is intact.”

Spike and Sam’s loud guffaws filled the lobby. Even Buffy, Dawn, and Willow were having trouble keeping a straight face. Angel and Xander just looked slightly sick while Bobby rolled his eyes and grumbled about thickheaded Winchesters.

“You guys are idiots,” Ruby said “We’ve got two major bad asses teaming up, and you guys are cracking jokes about your virginities.”

“Well, what do you suggest we do?” Buffy asked, folding her arms across her chest. All traces of her former embarrassment gone.

“Find out how to stop Lilith,” Ruby replied, glaring at Buffy. “And while we’re at it, figure out how Dean earned his free pass out of hell.”

Finally getting control of himself, Spike shared a look with Dean, then nodded. “Half on Lilith, the other half on finding Dean answers. But this Lilith bint is our top priority.”

The others readily agreed, the Scoobies for once not arguing that it was Spike ordering them around instead of Buffy.

Seats were retaken and search engines called forth. Sam, along with Ruby, sat next to Willow, his laptop resting on the counter. Both were surfing through various websites, going about finding answers in their own unique way. Bobby, Dawn, and Angel were huddled over some books written in obscure languages. Buffy and Xander both sat, staring at the books before them, their eyes already glazing over in boredom. Spike and Dean were left on the sidelines, watching as the group got to work.

“You sure about this?” Spike asked, his voice a low whisper.

“Gotta be,” Dean said with a shrug. “It’s not like the bad guys are going to take a time out just because we’re not ready.”

“True,” Spike said. Patting Dean on his shoulder, Spike went and grabbed a book of his own to look through. Sighing, Dean rubbed his still aching head and hoped that they’d find the answers to their problems soon.

Chapter Six
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