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A Hunt to Remember

A small lighthearted drabble set in the same universe as "Kindred Spirits" and "Healing Wounds". I do not own any of the characters mentioned. Joss and other people with lots of money own them. All mistakes are mine.

“God damn it! Son of a bitch, this stuff stinks!” Dean yelled as he tried to shake off bits of demon clinging to his clothes, skin and hair.

“This is the last bloody time I go demon hunting with those two,” Spike growled as he too tried to shake off sticky demon parts.

“We told you guys to duck.”

Seeing the wide smirks gracing Buffy and Sam’s faces, Dean turned towards an equally gore-covered Spike and cocked his head to the side.

“Did you hear that? They told us to duck.”

Nodding, Spike turned towards Buffy while Dean locked eyes with his brother. Faced with twin deadly looks, Buffy and Sam started backing away from the angry pair before them.

“Now hold on Spike,” Buffy cajoled. “I did try to warn you. It’s not my fault you didn’t listen.”

“She’s right Dean,” Sam said. “So you really can’t blame us for getting caught in there with an exploding demon.”

“Considering you and Wonder-boy here were already outside the cave when you tried so valiantly to warn us makes me think you didn’t try hard enough,” Spike stated firmly.

“Yeah, what Sid here said,” Dean nodded, taking another step towards his brother.

“Look, Dean,” Sam pleaded. “Be reasonable.”

“Reasonable?” Dean laughed. “Can you believe this guy Spike?”

“Personally,” Spike spoke as he inched closer to Buffy. “I think they have a death wish.”

“Spike,” Buffy implored taking another step away from the approaching gore-covered vampire. “Honey…”

“Slayer, you ever bloody well call me ‘honey’ again, I’ll tell Andrew where you keep all of your Italian leather pumps.”

“You wouldn’t!” Buffy shrieked, eyes wide with shock. It gave Spike the opening he needed. Quickly he rushed forward, and one good shove later, Buffy found herself resting on top a pile of smelly demon flesh. A second later Sam was laying next to her while Spike and Dean stood back, smug grins covering their grimy faces.

“Forgot about the demon’s dead mate didn’t you Little Bro?” Dean asked, a false tone of inquiry filling his voice.

“Want to go grab a beer, mate?” Spike asked as he turned away from his sputtering girlfriend and headed back to their cars.

“Sure man,” Dean answered as he followed. “Just make sure to stop by the hotel first. We both need some serious shower time.”

Watching the two bantering as they walked away, Buffy and Sam both let out resigned sighs.

“So our plan backfired,” Buffy grumbled. “At least they’re not moping anymore.”

“Speak for yourself,” Sam grumbled as he shook loose a glob of demon entrails from his hand. Standing he started walking in the direction Spike and Dean had disappeared. “I just wanted Dean to have a night off. It was your harebrained idea to take them demon hunting.”

“Spike likes to kill things,” Buffy pouted. Finally gaining her footing, Buffy quickly ran after Sam. Knowing Spike and Dean the cars would probably be long gone, and she was determined not to be the only one to suffer. Sam had agreed with her plan after all.
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