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The Best Revenge Is...

Hey Lis, seems like your two for two today. :)

Another drabble, this one written by me, featuring a diseased Riley Finn. :P
This one also takes place in my Spike and Dean Winchester universe.

Spike was exhausted. Demon rebellions had been popping up all over the globe, and Spike had been forced to deal with most of them. The slayers were being run ragged; they had just adverted an apocalypse in Cleveland. Everything was a mess and people were stressed out.

Glancing at his clock, Spike figured he had a minimum of ten minutes before some one was banging on his door again. He thought briefly of calling Dean, but discarded the idea. Spike had emailed his friend about a brutal haunting at a ski lodge in Colorado two weeks ago, and more than likely, the brothers were currently busy digging up some poor sods grave.

Ten minutes passed, and a knock sounded on his door. Smirking, Spike sat up. If only he could collect bets from himself, he’d be one rich vampire.

“It’s open.”

“Get your lazy Undead Self in gear,” came Xander’s familiar tones through the door. “Emergency staff meeting. There‘s a trouble in South America.”

Groaning, Spike lurched to his feet. It was probably a good thing he hadn’t unpacked from his last trip, because if his luck held, Spike would be on the first plane to South America.


Stopping before the door of the conference room, Spike leaned forward to listen. He could hear Buffy and Giles’ raised voices clearly, and he wanted to know what they were fighting about before he braved the lion’s den.

“No, Giles,” Buffy said. “He’s exhausted! Send somebody else.”

Looked like they were fighting about him again, Spike mused.

“Buffy,” Giles sighed. “We don’t have anybody else.”

Spike had trouble holding in his disgusted snort. He knew of ten slayers who could easily handle the job, but it seemed Rupert still had it in for him.

“You know that’s not true.”


“At least let him take back-up.” Surprisingly the voice of reason came from Angel. Spike made a mental note not to tease him for at least a day.

“Fine,” Giles said, and Spike could easily picture the old Watcher cleaning his glasses. “I’ll get someone to see if any of the other slayers can be spared.”

“No,” Buffy said. “No other slayers. I’ll just call Sam, and see if he and Dean can help out.”

That’s my girl Spike grinned to himself. She knew the only people he trusted completely to watch his back in a fight, besides her, were the Winchester’s.

“Alright,” Giles sighed. “Make your phone call, Spike should be here soon enough.”

Placing his hand on the knob, Spike pushed the door open. All eyes turned towards him, and from the slight twinkle in Buffy eyes, Spike knew she had sensed him outside the room.

“So, Rupes,” Spike drawled. “What’s this big emergency I keep hearing about?”


“Damn it!” Dean growled. “Couldn’t we have gone some place nice, like Hawaii or something?”

“Too sunny,” Spike grinned as Dean swatted another mosquito. “Look at it this way mate, on this trip we get to kill things.”

“Dude, I get to kill things all the time. What I don’t get is nice beaches, and babes in tiny bikinis.”

Snorting, Spike lead them further into the jungle. Some idiot bugger was using zombies to terrorizing a local village. All they had to do was find the person responsible, and break the talisman. Should be a piece of cake, though Spike made sure not to say it out loud. He didn’t want to jinx them.

Coming to a small clearing, Spike could see a group of tents set up. Soldiers sat around a small fire, talking. Some were playing cards, and others were relaxing. But what drew Spike to a stop, were the raised voices nearest to his and Dean’s hiding spot.

“Dude,” Dean whispered. “What’s going on?”

“See that tall bloke there.” Spike pointed. “The one getting yelled at by the woman.”


“That’s Captain Cardboard,” Spike said with a laugh. “Seems he’s still got a taste for demon whores.”

“Really?” Dean grinned as he pulled out a small video camera. “Hey, maybe we can post this on that demon website Sammy found.”

A vicious grin spread across Spike’s face. Revenge was sweet, and all it took was a case of Demonic Bacterial Vaginosis for Spike to finally get one up on Riley Finn.
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